Alpaca Vest Dress


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Elevate your wardrobe with the LAM Bolivia Long White Dress Vest – a fusion of style, comfort, and conscious craftsmanship. This unique vest features a contemporary design with a zipper, short sleeves, and a chic hood. Handwoven under fair trade standards and certified authenticity, it embodies ethical fashion. Each thread of this elegant vest tells a tale, reminding you that every fabric conceals a narrative waiting to be discovered.


Alpaca Vest Dress

Introducing the LAM Bolivia Long White Dress Vest – a masterpiece that harmoniously combines fashion, comfort, and ethical values. This vest stands as a testament to the vision of LAM Bolivia, where every garment is a canvas for artistry and responsible production.

The vest's design is a modern interpretation of timeless elegance. With a zipper for ease of wear, short sleeves for a touch of versatility, and a hood that adds a contemporary edge, it caters to the demands of both style and functionality. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or seeking a casual yet chic ensemble, this vest effortlessly adapts to your fashion narrative.

What truly sets this vest apart is its origin. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, it adheres to fair trade standards that prioritize the well-being of artisans and the environment. The LAM Bolivia brand takes pride in weaving stories of empowerment, ensuring that each individual involved in the production process receives fair compensation and respect.

Certified under rigorous authenticity standards, this vest assures you of its genuine quality and adherence to ethical practices. Woven with integrity and dedication, it encapsulates the essence of a brand that believes in doing well by doing good.

Beyond its design and craftsmanship, the LAM Bolivia Long White Dress Vest carries a deeper message. It reminds us that every fabric, every thread, has a story to tell. Each stitch is a silent testament to the hands that wove it, the experiences that shaped it, and the journey it embarked upon to grace your wardrobe.

As you slip into this vest, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing; you're embracing a narrative. A narrative that speaks of conscious choices, sustainability, and a commitment to a better world. Let this vest be a conversation starter, an expression of your values, and a celebration of the stories that intertwine with your own.

Elevate your fashion experience with the LAM Bolivia Long White Dress Vest – where style, ethics, and storytelling converge in a symphony of elegance.

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Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg

100% Bolivian Alpaca




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S = Width 19.3 inches / Lenght 25.2 inches
M = Width 20.1 inches / Lenght 26 inches
L = Width 21.3 inches / Lenght 26.8 inches
XL = Width 22.4 inches / Lenght 27.6 inches
XXL = Width 23.6 inches / Lenght 28.3 inches

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Hypoallergenic and safe for wool allergy sufferers


Bohemian / Vintage

LAM Bolivian Alpaca