Alpaca Cardigan Apasanka


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Discover andean charm with our Hand-Knit Apasanka Cardigan, featuring wooden buttons and a round neckline. Inspired by nature and wildlife, this cardigan evokes the beauty of the Bolivian Amazon. Crafted from 100% alpaca wool, it’s a luxurious garment that combines color and elegance.


Alpaca Cardigan Apasanka

Immerse yourself in Andean enchantment through our Hand-Knit Apasanka Cardigan, adorned with wooden buttons and a round neckline. This cardigan pays homage to the rich biodiversity of nature and wildlife, drawing inspiration from the lush Bolivian Amazon. The term “Apasanka,” which means “spider” in Quechua, refers to the resemblance of the weaving pattern to the spiders commonly found in the region, adding an authentic connection to the local culture.

Each woven thread of this cardigan tells a story of nature and tradition. The design, with its vibrant colors and intriguing patterns, captures the essence of lush vegetation and the animals that inhabit the jungle. The wooden buttons and round neckline infuse authenticity and versatility into the design, adding a rustic and elegant touch to the garment.

The use of 100% alpaca wool ensures that this cardigan not only envelops you in softness but also provides lasting warmth. With proper care, it will remain in optimal condition over the years, becoming a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

Since our establishment in 1985 in La Paz, Bolivia, L.A.M has remained committed to celebrating Bolivian and Andean culture through exquisite alpaca garments. Our master artisans infuse each piece with their skill and passion, ensuring that every creation from L.A.M carries a unique beauty that has been woven specially for you.

By choosing L.A.M, you’re not only embracing exceptional craftsmanship but also supporting fair trade practices. As members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WTFO), we take pride in ensuring the best prices for our master artisans, honoring their work, and promoting sustainable development.

If you’re drawn to garments that embody tradition, luxury, and a connection to the Andean spirit, we invite you to contact us for more information and become part of the L.A.M experience.

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100% Bolivian Alpaca




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XS = Width 16.1 inches / Lenght 21.3 inches / Sleeve Length 19.7 inches
S = Width 17 inches / Lenght 22 inches / Sleeve Length 20.5 inches
M = Width 17 inches / Lenght 22 inches / Sleeve Length 20.5 inches
L = Width 17 inches / Lenght 22 inches / Sleeve Length 20.5 inches
XL = Width 17 inches / Lenght 22 inches / Sleeve Length 20.5 inches
XXL = Width 17 inches / Lenght 22 inches / Sleeve Length 20.5 inches

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Hypoallergenic and safe for wool allergy sufferers


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