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Since 1985 L.A.M. Bolivia has been a pioneer company in the design, production, and exportation of alpaca garments of the highest quality to the whole world.

Our People

We work with talented craftsmen and masters in the knitting of our garments. Our artisans embody our wealthy culture through superb designs and colors.
We create Bolivian products that exceed the expectations of our customers.
L.A.M Bolivia is now
member of the W.F.T.O (World
Fair Trade Organisation).
We are committed to working under
its three fundamental pillars:
» Respect for human, labor, and social rights
» Fair economic practices
» Environment protection
alpaca everywhere.

Our Material

Alpaca wool is one of the finest fibers in the world. We work with 100% alpaca wool that goes through a meticulous production process.
L.A.M Bolivia has a wide range of colors and styles in constant movement, which allows our customers to pick from any tone or design.

The benefits of alpaca wool :
» It is finer to that of
many animal fibers
like sheep’s or
» Warm & strong.
» Resists solar radiation
»Silky & shiny. Without losing its original tone after washing it.
» Does not cause allergies.
» Cruelty-Free

Pioneers in handcrafts exports! We work with many countries to take the premium Bolivian


Create your sustainable clothing line or introduce fashionable 100% alpaca accessories in your brand.

» We hear your ideas and expectations.
» We start working on the garment prototypes.
» Prototypes are knitted with all quality standards.
» We send technical pictures and reports to the customers once the prototype is done.

» Prototypes are sent to the customer
for evaluation and possible adjustments.
» Once approved, we begin to knit your premium alpaca garments.

» The garments can be labeled with your brand logo.
» Your original designs maintain exclusivity and are not part
of our collection at stores.

» We provide all the documentation
necessary for easy exportation.
» We supply photos and videos of the
“behind the scenes” in our workshops when artisans are giving
life to all of your designs.

Bolivian Alpaca

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  1. Simon Olsen

    We are really interested in working with you guys creating our brand with pure alpaca – wool products reaching from hats and socks to sweathers and wool underwear with long sleeves and legs for men, women and children.
    We want to develope our own uniqe designs and product line, and are currently in a research process to find the right company to work with.
    We are based in Norway and Cochabamba Bolivia . Our goal is to create products focus on outdoor and day by day clothing, especially winter oriented.
    We are interested in your prices, shipping solutions, product development and which volumes you can deliver. Best regards Claudia and Simon

  2. Nelly Bautista

    Buenas noches…
    Disculpe en su empresa se puede hacer pasantias?
    Soy estudiante de la carrera de industria textil de u tecnológico de la cuidad de el alto..por favor … estaré a la espera y muy agradecida de elly respuesta..

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